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Karimunjawa is and island chain stretching in a northwesternly direction 83 km from Jepara. Central Java. This archipelago is a cluster of 27 island in the java sea. The reefs are a mixture of fringing, barrier, and patch with bottom depths ranging from 15 to 40 meters.

Five of these islands are domestically inhabited and together with 22 others from the four major zones; Zone I is the core sanctuary area and is out of bounds to all, Zone 2 is the wilderness area open to limited tourism, Zone 3 is the utilization area, Zone 4 is the buffer zone.

For visitor to the Park, expect a very pleasant welcome by the information staff, and an exciting range of flora and fauna to discover both above and below the water.The reefs harboring 35 types of hard corals, sponges, gorgonian, soft and red corals and an amazing 240 plus variety of fish.

A special bonus for the interpid is wreck diving at the island of Batu Kunci, Karang Kapal, Karang Ketel, and Batulawang. Best time for weather is April to November with the rainy season peaking between December and February.

Up to this date Karimunjawa has 12 dive sites. Most of the diving is done on the fringing reefs around the islands, as well as submerged reefs, and shipwrecks. The sites are all to the west of the main island

The dive resorts is situated on the uninhabited island of Menyawakan, measuring 19 hectares, in the Karimun Jawa archipelago. By speed boat transfer from Jepara to the resort about two and a half hours one-way or from Semarang about 3 hours. With 5 VIP bungalows and 5 two room deluxe cottages, 15 rooms in all, and the resort is very luxurious.




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