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Diving Kakaban Island

Kakaban island is a coral atoll that has been uplifted by geological forces, turning the lagoon into a land-locked lake.

The 5 square-kilometer lake, surrounded by a 50-meter ridge, occupies most of the interior of this uninhabited island, which has been declared a government nature reserve. From the surface, Kakaban looks like a typical freshwater lake, but below there is an abundance of colorful marine life. Kakaban is wall diving which features schooling Barracudas and Jacks, Leopard Sharks, Gray Reef Sharks and the occasional Hammerhead. Top it off with the world's largest Jellyfish lake in the center of the islands.


The shoreline is fringed with a tangle of mangroves. Their sturdy roots, as thich as human arm, are cloacked with sponges, seaweeds and tunicates. Visibility is around 10-12 meters, and the lake is almost 11 meters deep.

Some of the strangest species and typical behavios are observed in this prehistory lake. Through millenium, they have adapted into an ecosystem that is totally unique to the brackish water environment.

The lake is teeming with at least 4 species of stingless jelly fish including one of an upside down species of Cassiopea (possibly Cassiopea Xamachana). About three species of Halimeda green algae cover the botom, and mangrove roots live side by side with tunicates, sponges, tube worms, bihalves, crustacean, anemones, sea cucumbers, sea snakes and at least five known species of gobies. Unidentified species are in abundance.

Dr. Thomas Tomascik from Canada has aptly called ths place a Biological Paradise. The mystery of how lake`s plant and animals are able to survive in this isolated system is a subject that marine scientists and geologist bickers about. Thousand of barracudas, blue fined tunas and big sharks are also found at Kakaban's Barracuda Point.

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